📌Create Tasks

To start with, make sure to create a Bitcoin Task group first.

The + button next to speedup section is used to create a bitcoin task.

Wallet group: Choose the wallet group you want to use to create your task

Wallet: Choose the wallet(s) you want to use to create your task

BTC Address: Insert the address

Service Provider Address: Choose your prefered Provider, we are using https://mempool.space/api/ , you can add this in the rpc page of settings.

Amount of Tasks: The amount of tasks you want per wallet, leave empty if you want to have 1 task per wallet.

Transfer amount: The amount in BTC for example: 0.001

Transfer function: It's auto set by MinTech

Function parameters: Check release channel

Gas fee: one value, like 80

Gas mode:

Default: Then you have to inpit the Gas Fee value yourself.

Rapid, use the fast gas what has a estimated confirmation of 10 minutes.

Advanced section of the task page. This page is only interesting for custom drops.

Timestamp: You can let the bot wait to a specific timestamp to run the tasks. We use https://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php for formatting.

Proxy Group: Select your proxy group when it is said in the release channel.

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