🔫Magic Eden Sniper

MinTech Only supports Taproot wallets

Wallet group: Choose your BTC wallet group you want to use to create your task

Wallet: Choose the wallet(s) you want to use to create your task

BTC address: Always use the marketplace collection URL of Magic Eden as address, for example: https://magiceden.io/ordinals/marketplace/bitcoin-flowers

Service Provider Address: Choose your BTC RPC, if you have a good paid BTC RPC we recommend to use that, otherwise just use https://mempool.space/api/

Transfer amount: The amount in BTC you want to target your snipe, bot will try to snipe the price input what is listed at same price or all listings that are lower than your target price.

Function: Keep it at Transfer

Gas mode: Rapid, no need to fill in gas since Magic Eden automatically choose a specific gas when you sign a transaction.

Advanced section: Go to proxy group and make sure to choose a proxy group, Magic Eden ratelimits very hard so it is important to use good and fast proxies when trying to snipe.

Tips: Snipe on a dedicated server with high internet speed, use same region isps as your server region and use a low ETH delay in settings like 10 as delay.

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