📌Create Task

Wallet group: Choose the wallet group you want to use to create your task

Wallet: Choose the wallet(s) you want to use to create your task

Contract Address: Insert the contract

RPC Address: Choose your prefered RPC

Mint price: The amount in ETH for example: 0.5

Mint Function: Functions can be selected if the contract is verified, if not you have to type the whole mint function with the parameters. Setups are often posted in release channels.

Proxy contract: To let the bot select the mint functions in a proxy contract, you need to mark the proxy contract checkbox.

Function parameters: Depends per mint function, if the mint function is mint(address,uint256) with a max limit of 1 per transaction your parameters will be {address};1

Multiple arguments are seperated by ;

Gas Fee: Your own gas input

Gas Priority: Your own gas input

Gas Limit: Bot auto calculates gaslimit + 10% for safety , we don't recommend you to input gaslimit unless you know what to do. Disclaimer: For flip state drops above 250k gas usage you need to input your own gaslimit.

Gas Mode: Default or Rapid if you choose rapid bot will choose the rapid gas of blocknative Flip Function: Tries to get you included in the first block, flip function varies per drop but it's the function the owner / admin of the contract use to make the sale live.

Flip sender: The admin or owner of the contract.


Default is used for timestamp drops or low supply drops Safe is used for flipstate drops where the owner has to make the sale live through the contract and when the supply is big to avoid front runs.

flip status & Ultra Safe Task

  • a new minting mode that only sends when MinTech scans that the owner's TX to flip the sale is already confirmed. It is like the merge of a flip task and a normal task.

You can call this type of task whatever you like, but our developers like to call it an Ultra Safe task.

To set up an Ultra Safe task, you would need the following:

  1. blocknative API key in your **settings.json


Change flip status to confirmed , and then fill in the flip information + gas fees this mode is the safest way to avoid front runs.

Timestamp: You can let the bot wait to a specific timestamp to run the tasks. We use https://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php for formatting.

Proxy group: select your proxy group if it's needed according to the MinTech team.

Custom ABI: for nerds



    1. Get a confirmed Etherscan TX (example tx)

    2. First Method:

      1. On the page of the confirmed TX, scroll down until you see “see more”. Click this.

      Find the “View Input As” button, click, and then click “Original

Custom flip contract: Input the make sale live contract when they will use a different contract than the mint contract to make the sale live.

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