🧙Magic Eden

MinTech Only supports Taproot wallets

Check release channel for more information, u aren't able to speedup or cancel your transaction

In order to buy anything on ME u have to pre approve one time your wallets, if you just run your tasks MinTech will approve it (around 10-15 minutes before tx is confirmed) after it will wait if anything is loaded otherwise it will keep spamming no phase found or something else.

Use signup as function parameter for approving.

BTC Address: Link of launchpad

Transfer Amount: 0 , MinTech auto detects what is needed to send.

Function Parameters: This varies, but it's each time the ID so for example:

Whitelist is the first stage, FCFS whitelist is second stage and public is third stage then if you want to run FCFS Whitelist you input 2 as function parameter, and if you want to run public you input 3 as function parameter etc.

Gas Mode: Rapid

Advanced section:

Proxy group: Choose your proxy group, you need to use proxies because ME use cloudflare as antibot.

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