🍀BTC Raffles

MinTech Only supports Taproot wallets

BTC wallets are now supported for Alpha Bot and Custom Raffles. Create a standard task group if you don't want to use delays between tasks, create a delayed task group if you want to enter slowly with a delay between tasks. You need to have discord accounts, because we use it to login for BTC Raffles.

Wallet group: Choose your BTC wallet group you want to use to create your task

Wallet: Choose the wallet(s) you want to use to create your task

Module: Alphabot or Special Raffle (only use special raffle if we announce in #raffles channel

Proxy group: Choose your proxy group, we recommend to use isps over resis to reduce ban rates for your twitter / discord accounts.

Proxy String: A specific proxy ip

Twitter account: Your twitter account

Discord account: Your discord account

Disconnect socials: Don't touch it

Custom field: If there is a special question in the raffle then fill in the answer, if you need to fill in multiple answers split it with ; for example: 100;Netherlands

Password Input: In case there is a password on the page, you can fill in the password and bot will use that password to bypass that page

Raffles Advanced section

Discord reaction data: Encode an emote

Discord verification data: copy paste discord message link

Discord Advanced Commands: Multiple commands to let the bot react / verify things

Mode: Normal or Safe, keep it at Normal

Discord accounts to rotate: use discord accounts as backup in case an account gets clipped

Delay Range: Like 0 or 8000,15000

Disconnect discord if clipped: Leave it unchecked

Disconnect twitter if clipped: Leave it unchecked

Confirm entry: Don't use this if accounts are email verified already.

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