When you want to make a task it is by default set to page.

Wallet group: Choose the wallet group you want to use to create your task

Wallet: Choose the wallet(s) you want to use to create your task

Token address: Insert the token address of the contract

RPC Address: Choose a random ETH Rpc (If you enabled ANTI MEV it will prioritize anti mev and not your ETH rpc)

Token amount%: The amount in % you want to sell for example 100

Function: Sell

Slippage: Slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes. The max amount without Anti Mev enabled is 50, with Anti Mev or Send as bundle enabled, it is 100.

Gas Fee: Your own gas input

Gas Priority: Your own gas input

Gas Limit: Bot auto calculates gaslimit + 10% for safety , we don't recommend you to input gaslimit unless you know what to do.

Gas Mode: Default or Rapid if you choose rapid bot will choose the rapid gas of blocknative

Anti Mev: By default enabled for safety. Sends your transaction to a mev relayer to prevent your transaction to be on the public mempool and getting sandwiched.

Advanced settings:

Auto trade - Limit WETH: When you put like 25% in this section the bot will try to sell once you can get 25% more WETH

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