• Go to the Dashboard.

  • Join Discord: Here you can join our discord server.

  • Renew key: Here you can renew MinTech for 0.1 ETH every month.

  • Shuffle key: Your license key will be resetted and changed.

  • Reset key: Your license key is resetted and you can now use it on another device. MinTech only allows you to open the bot on one device, unless you reset the key.

  • License Expiry: Make sure to have your key renewed to have access to the software!

  • Go to the Dashboard.

  • Join Discord Server: Here you can join and get the Member role by clicking "Claim all roles" to get full access to our discord.

  • View License Key: Here you can reset your key and download the bot as well.

  • View 2 links: Here you can find the extension download link and our Guide

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