General Settings

Whenever you make changes to the Settings Page, make sure to hit Save Settings.

The General Settings page contains all the necessary information required to start running the bot, such as the Chain ID to switch chain network on the Ethereum network, Blocknative API Key for flip tasks and gas fetching, and Captcha Solvers.

Imports and Exports

For easier setting up of tasks, settings, etc., MinTech allows importing and exporting of both JSON files and CSV files. Simply tick (✅) the checkbox for CSV format if you wish to use the format. Otherwise, it will import and export JSON files.


Importing CSV Files for Raffle Setups or Wallets is easy to do, and does not require much technical maneuvering.


JSON files are used in scenarios where you need to import or export your settings. The inputs in the JSON file are much easier to manage, especially your bot settings.

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