MEV Bundling

To start with you need to go to this site and register an account, after you successfuly created an account you go to the account tab. You will see Authorization Header:

You need to copy paste this into the bloxroute settings in MinTech, without this you can't submit bundles.

By utilizing this mode, you can ensure complete safety and avoid detection by the public mempool, thereby eliminating the risk of getting sandwiched. It is also increasing your chance to be the first one to be included in the first block when the contract is live.

If you want to bundle multiple wallets into one transaction make sure to choose the wallets you want to use in the general task setup and not in the bundle task setup.

You can only bribe with one wallet and not multiple wallets when creating a task. (It's not needed to bribe if you just want to bundle, then just do the normal gas fees in general setup task like how you used to know)

Target specific block: If you want to target a specific block, input the blocknumber so the bot will try to be included in that block.

Retry until included: With this mode the bot will keep trying to succeed your bundle transaction. If it's unmarked bot only tries to hit once by default.

+1 , +3 or +5 Block range:

When you select +1 the bot will try to hit in 1 block and will stop if it didn't hit.

If you select +3 if the bot didn't get included in the first block, it will try to hit in the second block and if it wasn't able to hit in the second block it will try to submit the bundle in the third block and if it still didn't hit the task will stop. Same applies for when you select +5 but then it will try max 5 blocks.

Mark as send a bribe, so you can chooe the wallet you want to send the one transaction with.

Bribe amount this in ETH value, so for example: 0.1

Gas fee and Gas priority, since this bribe transaction is seperate you can input a lower gas amount than when you are ready to gas war on a shitcoin drop. (Like set the gas fees a bit more than current gas)

Bribing your Ethereum bundle transaction offers benefits like faster confirmation, priority in block inclusion, a competitive edge, profit opportunities, and improved transaction privacy. However, results may vary based on network conditions and gas prices.

There are a few situations where your bundle and bribe transactions may not be included on the Ethereum chain:

  1. Non-MEV Blocks: If the block is not created by a specific type of miner, your transactions may not be included.

  2. Higher Offers: If someone else offers more gas or a larger bribe, their transactions could take priority over yours.

  3. Unfavorable Luck: Sometimes, due to random factors or unexpected events, your transactions may not get included.

Remember, there is no guarantee that your transactions will always be included in these cases. You won't lose anything if your transaction wasn't included.

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